Exalted: The Autochthonians is a supplement for Exalted covering the Primordial Autochthon and the human civilizations living within him in the realm of Autochthonia. It expands on material previously introduced in Time of Tumult to provide a fuller picture of the Autochthonians and the Alchemical Exalted.

Unlike other Exalted "Fatsplats", Autochthonians devotes four chapters to Autochthonia and Alchemical Exalted, and then provides three alternate scenarios expanding on the Locust Crusade originally outlined in Time of Tumult. In one of these scenarios, the Locust Crusade expands to an all out war with the Realm, in another, the players race to provide souls to Autochthon before the Primordial dies, and in the third the Autochthonians fall victim to the Great Contagion. It is the first fatsplat to cover a form of Exalted not mentioned in the Exalted Rulebook, and consequently provides a variety of optional scenarios.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Before there was a World of Darkness, there was the Great Maker.
The Eight Nations rule the known reaches of Autochthonia, their mechanical prayers comforting the Machine God in his slumber.
For millennia, the Tripartite have ruled the Eight Nations through prudent planning and strict discipline.
Now, the Great Maker dies, and fatal malfunctions bollix him more each day. Stores of the Five Magical Materials run perilously low, and new children are often born no more than soulless husks.
Into this time of hardship come the Alchemical Exalted, industrial titans and planning czars of their people’s heroic era preserved to guide their brothers and sisters in industry through the Ages.
Will their mighty prowess and lightning acumen be the salvation of the Nations, or will they only lead the people of the Great Maker into the Void?
What deeds will your heroic commemorative murals depict?
Requires the Exalted main rulebook for play.


Chapter One: Autochthon and AutochthoniaEdit

Chapter Two: Character Creation and TraitsEdit

Chapter Three: CharmsEdit

Chapter Four: Miracles of the Machine GodEdit

Chapter Five: The Locust WarEdit

Chapter Six: The Quest for the Great SourceEdit

Chapter Seven: Engines of ExtinctionEdit

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