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EverQuest Game Master's Guide is a sourcebook for the EverQuest RPG adapted to d20 rules.


It's Your World Now!
The World of EverQuest comes to life in your hands! This essential volume:
  • Details secret EverQuest lore about every region in Norrath
  • Provides information on creating your own quests and spells
  • Contains over 500 hundred magic items, trade skill items, and epic artifacts
  • Offers advice on how to tell your own stories with the EverQuest Role-Playing Game.
100% compatible with 3rd edition fantasy role-playing rules.
Use the world information, new rules for NPC factions and quests, hundred of magic items, and new rules for creating magic items with trade skills contained in this Game Master's Guide as a reference for your EverQuest campaign or for any 3rd edition fantasy role-playing campaign.

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