Evelyn Kinsella is a mage and the signature character of the Euthanatos.


You play with the Morrigu. I am the Morrigu. Do you really think she wants literal sacrifices? Your beliefs lack sophistication. Gods require more than worship; they touch parts of the eternal soul. Instead of bowing down, we assume their mantle. Now if you'll excuse me, the Morrigu and I have a plane to catch. I'm sure she won't mind — or care — if you want to dance skyclad for her while we're gone.
  — Chela Evelyn Kinsella, leaving a Verbena Coven in Eugene, Oregon.

Evelyn grew up in a staunch Irish-Catholic household in Boston. Her Avatar revealed itself as a bloody Phantom Queen. After her awakening and following crisis of faith, she plunged headfirst into pagan magic and Thanatoic philosophy.


Evelyn has a lean runner's build, high cheekbones, and luminous blue eyes. Her expression typically alternates between a scowl of repressed anger and a look of wistful regret. She likes to dye her blonde hair in stark, unnatural colors, but when she is "on the ob" she returns it to her natural color and grows it out. On cold days, she wears a high-collared gray leather jacket with dark comfortable clothes and navy blue steel-toed boots. The jacket's collar conceals an ornate torc set with bronze images of the Morrigu, her principal tutelary goddess. A wicker figure, a length of braided cord, and a white-handled combat knife are the other foci she normally carries. Evelyn walks with a smooth, quick gait, rarely slowing for anyone or anything. She looks directly at the person to whom she is speaking, and can move from calm conversation to brutal forcefulness without hesitation.



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