Eve was the wife of Adam (the first man created by God), and the mother of all mankind.


In the Classic World of Darkness, Eve is roughly the same as she is in biblical tradition. According to some sources, she was the third woman created by God to be Adam's wife after Lilith rebelled and a second unnamed woman that was discarded by the first man. After he accepted Eve, the pair gave birth to Cain, Abel and Seth.

According to the Bahari and other cults of Lilith, the serpent that seduced Eve into eating the forbidden fruit was none other than Lilith herself. However, according to the Fallen, there was no literal forbidden fruit; instead, the first four humans were tempted by an offer of knowledge and choice, made by Lucifer himself. Adam, Eve and Cain sided with Lucifer's Rebellion, while Abel remained loyal to God's angels. After Caine murdered Abel and was cursed by God to be the first vampire, Adam and Eve had another son, Seth, who was the ancestor of all humanity.

It is thought that Eve, after her death, became the ancient and mysterious wraith known as the Lady of Fate.


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