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Euthanatos Tradition Book is the sourcebook for the Euthanatos Traditions in Mage: The Ascension.


From the White Wolf catalog:

A Tradition on Trial!
Feared and distrusted, the "death mages" of the Euthanatos follow a twilight Path of reincarnation and rebirth. Most folks see only the finality of death; the Euthanatos see the new beginning on the other end.
Walking the Line Between Life and Death
Not that this Path is sure or easy. The threat of corruption swells beneath this group's foundations. Who are they to play god? What makes them so certain about their cause? And who can be truly sure of destiny? Not even the Euthanatos have all the answers. But the time for answers has arrived.
Where Do They Fall?
The Euthanatos Tradition Book takes a hard look at this most dreaded Tradition – the mages who traffic in death. It includes:
  • History, sects, methods and magicks;
  • The ancient conflict between the "death mages" and their peers;
  • Templates, foci, weapons and more


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Euthanatoi, Gilgul, Jhor, Naraki, Quintessence (MTAs), Tass (MTAs), Wheel of Ages

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