Sir Eta Sunbeam, the Giant Slayer, is a Seelie Satyr Wilder and famed monster hunter.

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Eta Sunbeam

Eta grew up in a small, rural town in the Midwest United States and experienced her Chrysalis at eight years old. She came from a family of strong women and, encouraged by her mortal mother, adopted a feminist philosophy before she was even old enough to date. Especially talented in athletics and armed melee, she quickly learned from her mentor and was soon teaching wilders older than herself how to fight with a sword. Her changeling friends and other satyrs in her tragos praised her abilities constantly. She could hold her own in a wresting match with Krok the troll and could best Quasar the nocker at sword-play. Her Passion was her body and the strength she felt coursing through her when she fought or ran or even just exercised.

She left her hometown on her 18th birthday to see the world and to find a quest worthy of her skills. Eta traveled all over the country, making a name for herself by combating chimera, Dauntain, and unruly Unseelie criminals. She offered her services to whichever noble whose lands she was traversing and they nearly always had some minor quest that required attention.

Several years later, she found herself standing before High King David. She had singlehandedly killed the giant Maul who was a chimera of incredible power. For this feat, the High King deemed her worthy of knighthood. The story of that day still graces many courtly gatherings, drawing laughter and cheers from those who hear the tale.

After the ceremony and oathtakings, Eta joined in the celebration. A young sidhe approached her. "Dearest Lady Eta, would you honor me with a dance?" Eta would normally have agreed without hesitation. This time, though, she drew back her fist and punched the young man in the face. As he sat there on the floor, blinking up at her in disbelief, she explained to him calmly that she was not "Lady Eta," but "Sir Eta." From that day forward, no one dared call her anything than than that and thus she opened the way for other female knights to bear the title "Sir" with pride.

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