Estella Smith is a Homid Philodox Black Fury in Hawaii.

Overview Edit

Estella Smith

In the depths of the rain forest on Kaua'i there lives a pack of Black Furies dedicated to the conservation of Hawaii's natural resources. They are said to be behind the closing of the Dole pineapple empire on Lana'i and battle against the overall trend toward tourism as the primary industry of the island.

Night-Sky, so named for the tiny dots of white that freckle her otherwise black coat, leads the tribe. She works in Homid form at the Haleakala National Park and the Kanepu'u Preserve on Maui and on the Kamokau Preserve on Kaho'olawe, alongside human biologists and zoologists, in an attempt to protect the many endangered animal and plant species that live there.

Night-Sky grew up knowing her Garou nature, but she also knew that in order to get anywhere in the world, she would have to educate herself. She earned her doctorate at Colorado State in Forestry and Zoology. Upon graduation, she felt lost, not knowing where to go. Her human parents gave her an all-expense-paid trip to Hawaii as her graduation present and that was all she wrote. As soon as she saw the abuse of nature upon the islands, she had her cause.

Image Edit

In homid form, Estella's long black hair is prematurely showing streaks of white. She keeps it tied back in a braid that hangs to the middle of her back. Her skin maintains its tan all year round where it shows outside her cut-offs and short-sleeved t-shirts. Quick to smile, Estella's features are well-sculpted and animated, with high cheek-bones, a high forehead, and expressive brown eyes.

In lupus form, her fur shines; healthy and clean. Her eyes are bright and lively, looking down a long, graceful snout. The white spots in her fur, those that contributed to her name, are small and numerous. They do indeed resemble the night sky.

Personal Edit

Estella's practical nature keeps her at the head of the class, both with her own pack and and with the humans she works with at the game parks. She steps in and takes charge with ease. She feels she has every right, especially considering everything that she has accomplished on the islands. She is a very busy garou, and she makes sure everyone who wants to interrupt her knows it.

References Edit

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