The Estate is a first-tier version of the Invictus. Such coteries exist either because there are not enough vampires in the community for the more elaborate feudal power structures of the Invictus to work, or because the vampires in question are too young to acquire the status they feel they deserve. The Estate is largely made up of scions of wealth and privilege who transform their Requiems into a never-ending game of status plays and one-upsmanship. The result is an incestuous social melodrama with a significant body count.

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Vampire: The Requiem Covenants

Tier 1:

The Movement · The Circle · The Estate · The Haven · The Order


Carthian Movement · Circle of the Crone · Invictus · Lancea Sanctum · Ordo Dracul
Brethren of the Hundred Faces · Brides of Dracula · Children of the Thorns · Harbingers · Holy Engineers · Nemites · Society of the Accord · Sun-Walking Knights


The Commonwealth · The Mother's Army · Prima Invicta · The Covenant · The Devil's Eye

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