Erik is the "everyman" wraith who constantly appears in the fiction of Wraith: The Oblivion, and is perhaps the most well-known of its signature characters. Reaped and protected by a Ferryman, Datian Severus, Erik's travels through the Underworld, looking for both a purpose and the woman he fell in love with but never actually met, end up playing a major role in the Wraith metaplot.

Erik was hit by a bus while crossing the street to return to work, and does not immediately recall who Reaped him. He finds himself on Newbury Street in Boston, in the office building of the job he hated. Afraid to leave, Erik watched the other wraiths on the street and hid himself away from the Hierarchy. One day, he witnesses another ghost, a beautiful blonde who also lived on Newbury Street, being captured, tortured, and taken away by a Hierarchy patrol. Erik feels a strange connection to her, eventually convinces himself he truly loves her, and becomes determined to leave his office so he can find her and met her. He eventually does after using his anger to train himself in the use of Outrage.

Somewhere along the way, he meets up with Severus, who makes Erik aware of his debt to him because of the Reaping he performed on Erik, and begins using Erik as a sort of messenger and scout in Stygia and the Shadowlands. One of Erik's last, and most important missions, was to guide the Hierarchy's invasion forces, on behalf of the Ferrymen, to the vampire city of Enoch hidden away in the Tempest.

After being set up to be inducted as a Ferryman, Erik is present at the final battle for Stygia against Coldheart, witnesses Charon's Transcendence, speaks with the Lady of Fate, and turns down Severus' offer to join the Boatmen's Society. It is also there he finally meets the woman he saw and fell in love with years before. The last words of Wraith: The Oblivion are him introducing himself to her.


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