Eric Baring-Gould, the impassioned solicitor, was a Primogen of the Toreador Clan in London during the Victorian Age.

Although his Vitae was potent, Eric was inexperienced in the ways of the Camarilla. Thus he achieved his position through the machinations of his sire, the notorious Camarilla founder Rafael de Corazón.


In life, Eric was a barrister and solicitor, who moved among the high society of London, but could not face the moral dillemas of his job, instead preferring to focus on causes he supported himself. This attracted the notion of Rafael de Corazon, who liked the young man's passion for ethical laws. He took Eric under his wing by ghouling him first and introduced him to Valerius, who appreciated the human's strong sense of justice and allowed his Embrace.

Eric is famed for his legal knowledge of the Traditions, whom he defends with all his passion. This made him unpopular among certain branches of his own Clan, who rejected responsibility for unrestrained hedonism. This incites wrath in him that Eric usually vents against his servants, only to become fascinated with the patterns of bruises across their faces. His outbursts fascinate and frighten him in equal degree.

Eric was considered a valuable asset to Anne Bowesley and supported her claim of princedom. On July 28, 2003, he was identified in a section of the London Times, despite his alleged death in 1880. Eric's reaction on this exposure to mortal authorities has not been recorded.

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