Lord Erdath is an Unseelie Sidhe and High Lord of House Ailil.

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As chief spokesperson for House Ailil, High Lord Erdath holds a nominal seat in the Parliament of Dreams, though he rarely attends its convocations except to issue "position statements" urging a return to a sharing of power. The acknowledged leader of the House of the Silver Dragon prefers to spend his time traveling around the world, guesting with various Ailil lords and ladies. Wherever he goes, he bears a message of continued struggle against the Seelie monopoly of power. His personal charisma has led many to compare him to the founder of House Ailil. Certainly his regal bearing and unshakable confidence in his own abilities bear the mark of Lord Ailil himself.

Although his position as one of the Nine High Lords of the Fallen World affords him a sort of diplomatic immunity, Lord Erdath does not trust his Seelie counterparts to refrain from seeking to nullify the threat he presents to their power bloc. As a result, he surrounds himself with a contingent of troll bodyguards sworn to protect him. In addition, his retinue also includes his protégé of the moment, chosen from among the most promising (and wealthy) young nobles of his house. Although he demands much of those he favors, such as financing his travels around the globe for a year, he gives each of his charges a thorough grounding in politics, etiquette, diplomacy, and intrigue. Though treacherous, he ensures that his chosen one gains a political title of great privilege before the year is over.

Erdath firmly believes that he is enacting the will of the High Lords of Arcadia when he conspires against the Seelie Court. He tells his Unseelie brethren that the Seelie were exiled to Earth because of failure, and it is the sworn duty of House Ailil to offer them "guidance."

War in Concordia Edit

As the most vocal and visible of the Unseelie high lords, Lord Erdath has become the focal point for a movement calling for him to take advantage of the current confusion in Concordia and claim the throne of the high king in the name of the Winter Court. Lord Erdath maintains that he has no active part in such a scheme.

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