Erciyes, also called Argaeus, is a mountain stronghold in central Cappadocia which served as a base for clan Cappadocian but was abandoned after the Giovanni took over the clan. It was sometimes called the Monastery of Shadows due to its location: the high cliffs on all sides meant it received only a few hours of direct sunlight each day.


Erciyes was taken over by the Cappadocians in a mass assault (the only military action in the history of the clan) sometime in the 1st century BCE, when they replaced a mountain monastery originally serving as a cult for a Malkavian Osiris. Since that time, the clan supported a temple complex at the mountain dedicated to the Cappadocian study of death and God. This temple was Christian (as Cappadocians tended to be), but was known for its strange and horrifying secrets.

After the Feast of Folly, Cappadocius relocated to Erciyes, and spent the remainder of his unlife in and around the temple complex. In the year 1197 CE, unknown parties guided the visiting Giovanni monk Niccolo Giovanni to the Noddist scrolls that came to be known as the Erciyes Fragments. Niccolo subsequently vanished, and his possessions (including his journal, which transcribed the Fragments) were delivered to his family.

When Augustus Giovanni committed diablerie on Cappadocius, the temple was sacked by his troops and abandoned.


  • While Erciyes is intimately associated with the Cappadocians, it was one of several underground cave complexes used by the clan, the other notable ones being Kaymakli and Derinkuyu.


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