For the superhuman Attributes from Aberrant, see Mega-Attribute.

An Epic Attribute is a special skill granted to Scions in their titular game line. They are inherent skills reflecting both the Scion's personality and experiences, as well as that of their divine parentage. They offer many benefits to a Scion, allowing them to carry out their battles against the Titans, rival Scions, and other imposing forces mere mortals would not be able to handle.

The most basic benefit of an Epic Attribute allows Scions to have a number of automatic successes on any rolls relating to mundane uses of that attribute, so long as they have skill in the accompanying Ability. The more dots the character has in the Epic Attribute, the more automatic successes they may add. For example, a character with Epic Stamina trying to outrun an enemy might rely on the attribute of Stamina and the ability of Athletics. If they have dots in Athletics, they can add the automatic successes granted by their Epic Stamina; however, if they have no Athletic skill, they are forced to rely on their mundane Stamina rating.

The second benefit Epic Attributes come in the form of Knacks. For every dot a character places in an Epic Attribute, they are allowed to choose one Knack from the related pool of abilities. These Knacks grant further powers related to the attribute, such as impossible feats of strength, the ability to calm a rioting crowd, or the talent to tell when someone is telling the truth or not.

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