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Enzo Giovanni was a Giovanni vampire who worked as the finance director of Pentex, until he mysteriously vanished.


Although he held one of the most influential post of among his clan members, he held a low profile in family matters, making his disappearance even more suspicious. In his youth, he seemed to be a part of a complicated diversion that served to turn antagonists of the family toward red herrings and thus identify them easier. His own company was the business conglomerate Irish Eyes Enterprises Ltd., with their main seat in London.

He joined the Board of Directors in 1993 against the wishes of many upper echelons, who orchestrated an assassination attempt by Get of Fenris Lupines against him. Enzo managed to gain a seat via a business alliance with two other candidates, Kathryn Mollet and Maximillian Toner (whom he later betrayed in order to secure his vote). Other members of the Board were distrustful, but thought that in time the vampire would be corrupted by the Wyrm. Indeed, Enzo soon found himself drawn to the worship of Maahstrac, the Urge Wyrm of Power, and sacrificed many family ties in exchange for necromantic and thaumaturgical knowledge.

Enzo Giovanni disappeared without notice and Pentex has been busy covering it up, so that details are scarce. As finance director, Enzo was succeeded by Franklin Rubin.

As of late, a figure calling itself Enzo Giovanni has made its appearance, but it bears no resemblance to the former large-framed vampire with the jovial bearing. Instead, it is a shriveled corpse-like husk wearing a too-large suit (resembling one of the returned Harbingers of Skulls), although its voice is clearly that of Enzo and it knows things only the former finance director could know. Peter Culliford and Harold Zettler have taken up interest in Enzo's reappearance, with Zettler's goal being its destruction, while Culliford seeks to observe the situation. So far, the creature visits various Pentex holdings, uttering warnings about shape-shifting beasts and leaves.