Entitlement is a term used to describe the exclusive orders of changelings, which are one part noble title and one part mystical brotherhood.


The noble orders are a fundamental part of changeling society. These orders are referred to as "Entitlements," and those who have gained a title are known as "entitled."

An Entitlement may be given to changelings, being a member of an organization. Each has their own history and Entitlements. There is usually a cost associated with becoming a member, either "in game" or a mechanical cost of glamour and wyrd.

  • Advantages

Upon swearing an oath, and therefore joining that order, the changeling gains the benefits of that order. The changeling also gains some changes to their mien, although it is only minor.

  • Disadvantages

When making dealings with the true fae, a changeling with a title will most probably be noticed before one without. This makes it difficult to avoid the fae.

The EntitlementsEdit

Here is a comprehensive list of known Entitlements.

The Adjudicators Of The Wheel Edit

Firm believers of fairness and justice, these Judges strive to bring balance to the world, one case at a time.[1]

Ancient And Accepted Order Of Bridgemasons Edit

Expert creators, these Master Builders can construct houses, statues, and castles without the need of tools or workers.[2]

The Anti-Gentrification LeagueEdit

Little more than a mob, this entitlement seeks to stymie efforts of the Fairest, whom they view as the agents of the Gentry.[3]

The Barony Of The Lesser Ones Edit

Defenders and negotiatiors, these Barons and Baronesses deal with the hobgoblins and hedge beasts, peacefully if possible, violently if necessary.[4]

Bishopric Of BlackbirdsEdit

Both good and bad omens, these Bishops strive to help others, though at a cost, and to restore Clarity to their freehold.[5]

Bodhisattvas Of The Broken CageEdit

Spring Court non-conformists, these Agents of Change encourage others to escape the prison of restraint, to become something more.[6]

The Bronze BeylikEdit

Kingmakers and couselors, these Bey select and groom the rulers of the Court.[7]

The Charmed CircleEdit

True leaders, these Kings and Queens demonstrate excellence through exceptional decisions and extraordinary actions.[8]

College Of WormsEdit

Students of fate, these Diviners seek out the threads of destiny to form a picture of the future.[9]

Companions of the ResignedEdit

These kindly Companions are dedicated to providing friendship for the lonely.[10]

Court Of The SolsticeEdit

Embracing the in-between, these Courtiers embody and protect the transitions between the seasons.[11]

Duchy Of The Icebound HeartEdit

Potent manipulators, these Dukes and Duchesses refuse to let love and grief rule their life, choosing to control others' emotions instead.[12]

The Duchy Of Truth And LossEdit

Fetch hunters, these Dukes and Duchesses seek out and destroy the fae-created imposters.[13]

The Eternal EchoesEdit

Living memories, these Lords and Ladies work to ensure that the Lost are never forgotten.[14]

The Family Of Silent NightsEdit

Defenders of our dreams, these Brothers and Sisters fight against invasions into the minds of those they watch over.[15]

The Guild Of GoldspinnersEdit

Offerers of opportunity, these Rumpelstiltzkins can provide wealth, for a price.[16]

Guild Of The Sacred JourneyEdit

Messengers and couriers, these Sacred Couriers will ensure that any accepted delivery arrives at its destination.[17]

The Hedge WardensEdit

Tamers of the Hedge, these Wardens follow their Lord or Lady in their destruction of all that is dangerous near their freehold.[18]

The Honorable Order of the Third Hour (THOTH)Edit

Scientists and inventors in the vein of da Vinci, the Thothites seek to advance both knowledge and its practical application.[19]

The Hound TribunalEdit

Meters of justice, these Hounds serve justice against those who have wronged the Summer Court.[20]

The Knighthood Of The DragonslayerEdit

Interrogators and spies, these Cavaliers defend the greater good by exposing hidden wickedness.[21]

Knighthood Of Utmost SilenceEdit

Experts at subterfuge, these Silent Knights help changelings to disappear without a trace, into a new life.[22]

Knights of St. CollenEdit

An order of the religiously devout, these Sirs and Ladies are known for mediating inter-Court disputes and performing acts of charity.[23]

Knights Of The Knowledge Of The TongueEdit

Exotic gourmands, these Knights de Cuisine wage battle in the kitchen, striving for victory of the palate.[24]

Knights Of The Widow’s WalkEdit

Faceless and nameless, these Sirs and Ladies are the epitome of spies, taking new names and new faces as necessary.[25]

Legacy Of The Black AppleEdit

Beggars and diplomats, these Legates negotiate with the Gentry, however dangerous that might be.[26]

The Legion Of The Iron WallEdit

Monitors and defenders of freeholds everywhere, these Legionnaires will stand against their enemies, even at the cost of their own lives.[27]

The Lord Sages Of The Unknown ReachesEdit

Scholars and spies, these Lords and Ladies seek to discover the truths of the other supernatural denizens of the World of Darkness.[28]

The Lost PantheonEdit

Self-proclaimed modern gods, these Ancients embody both the gods of old as well as more modern concepts.[29]

Magi Of The Gilded ThornEdit

Explorers of the Hedge, these Magi seek to discover its secrets and take its power as their own.[30]

Magistrates Of The Wax MaskEdit

Supposed servants, these Magistrates ensure the festivals and events of a freehold are properly enacted.[31]

Margravate Of The BrimEdit

Defenders of the border marches, these Margraves and Margravines protect the freehold while detesting the Courts that rule it.[32]

The Office Of Vizieral CounselEdit

Eternal advisors, these Viziers act as sorceror-advisors to their kings and queens, devoting their magic to their rulers.[33]

The Order Of The Hallowed GardenEdit

Reformers and renewers, these Gardeners strive to create "gardens" where positive ideals can grow while dangerous ones are pruned.[34]

The Order Of The OneirophysicsEdit

Miraculous physicians, these Dreamhealers can heal even fatal injuries through the art of dream-wielding.[35]

The Order of the Story HeroesEdit

The Tricksters of this order are itinerant heroes who seek to overcome powerful foes through cleverness.[36]

The Parliament Of VictorsEdit

Victors through and through, these Noble Champions will succeed at whatever it takes to get what they deserve.[37]

The Phantom TongEdit

Underworld criminals, these Dai Lo foster confusion and chaos to keep the Courtly rulers honest.[38]

The Pilgrims Of The Endless RoadEdit

Strivers toward personal improvement, these Brothers and Sisters better themselves, often foresaking connections to others in the process.[39]

Sacred Band Of The Golden StandardEdit

Warrior poets and glory-hounds, these Gilded Aspirants valiantly protect the freehold, to achieve fame and praise.[40]

Satrapy Of PearlsEdit

Pursuers of happiness, these Satraps embrace the arts of buying, bartering, and selling to possess or offer whatever they desire.[41]

The Scarecrow MinistryEdit

Wielders of fear, these Ministers teach that there are reasons to be afraid by becoming the monsters and urban legends that others fear.[42]

The Squires Of The Broken BoughEdit

Having lost everything, these Squires fight and die so that others do not have to share in their loss.[43]

The Tolltaker KnighthoodEdit

Justified mercenaries, these Knights will accept a bounty provided the cause is just.[44]

The Twilight GleanersEdit

Guiders of fate, these Soothsayers share their foreknowledge to keep changelings on the right path.[45]


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