Enshagkushanna is an Earthbound Malefactor, previously a low-ranking member of the Iron Legion


A lowly angel in service to Dagon, Enshagkushanna was summoned by followers of his Archduke in the Ganges Valley. While he was worshipped as a god, his cult was not successful and he quickly fell into obscurity, his Reliquary sinking beneath the Indus River.

Enshagkushanna reawakened in 1985, after a small group of indian expatriates had made a pilgrimage to his former temple out of curiosity. Upon awakening, he discovered that one of his former cultists had imigrated into modern Los Angeles and that his descendant had become an influential TV and movie producer. He commanded his followers to unearth his Reliquary from the river and transport it to the "city of angels", where he hoped to further expand his cult.

His Reliquary was brought into a secret temple at Catalina Island, from where Enshagkushanna began to plot on how to take control over the city in order to present it to his superior. Working to plant servants not only in the entertainment industry, but also in the local police force, where he clashed with Manishtusu, another Earthbound focusing on Los Angeles.

When other Fallen were released and Belial unleashed his earthquake against Los Angeles, Enshagkushanna played on the sidelines, holding most of his cultists back from combat. Establishing a new cult in the Beverly Hills after the chaos, he now has infiltrated a school for troubled youths, using the school as a facility to summon further Fallen into the world, but also compelling the summoned demons to serve him. He is now used by Belial and Dagon in their quest to find and destroy Lucifer.


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