The Enrathi were a Revenant family in service of the Tal'Mahe'Ra, infamous for abducting and training chatterlings, which has recently been released into independence.


The Enrathi family traces its ancestry back to Etruscan farmers, long before Rome became a significant political power. About the time the Roman republic grew into empire, the Enrathi experimented with the slave trade. They found themselves good at it, and within two generations, it became the family's primary source of income. The empire fell, but there remained individuals and groups in need of slaves: power-hungry human beings, Cainites, other supernaturals. In times and places where slavery was outlawed, the Enrathi developed networks of contacts and an expanding repertoire, and when the Manus Nigrum approached them they gladly joined in.

The opening of the Americas and the concomitant rise in the transatlantic slave trade allowed the Enrathi to flourish as never before. Under a variety of names (and Discipline-assisted changes of appearance), the Enrathi became fabulously wealthy and well-connected. Their experiments with political power in the 17th and 18th centuries went badly, as the distinctive ghoul nature attracted the attention of vampire-hunters. Since then, the Enrathi have been content to be rich and private.

Enoch's destruction released the family from the sect's grip. They were left with very few duties to the remaining members of the cult and most decided to cut ties altogether. The Enrathi never committed all its resources to the cult, just in case something went wrong, so, while there are short-term hardships, the family moves on smoothly to build up the rest of its slave trade. They now act as freelancers, working with whoever vampire authority pays them the most.

Supernatural CharacteristicsEdit

Disciplines: Dominate, Potence, Obfuscate

Weakness: Enrathi can not have a higher Humanity rating than 3 and a higher Conscience than 2

Morality: The Enrathi eschewed Humanity in favour of Paths of Enlightenment, often adopting the Path of Cathari and the Path of Death and the Soul.


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