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You are an archeologist. You are friendly with the Serpents. They hold you in high regard, for some reason. You must dig at latitude 26.507133, longitude 27.661469. Do not use mortals for his purpose, for they will die. Do not use ghouls for this purpose, for they will be driven insane. There are great enchantments at this site. Deep within the earth you will find a sarcophagus made of a stone not native to Egypt. Do not open it. Smuggle the coffin to Castel d’Ombro. Once there, we will know. We will take the coffin from you, and you will have my word that I will return your records without a single copy made.
  —  Edwin, The Alastor

Camarilla's alastors learned that Red Listers took Nasch the Circassian and he did reveal that he gave the location of the sarcophagus to one Giangaleazzo several centuries before. Ayisha Jocastian and Petaniqua spent a long time hidden in Giangaleazzo’s palace,dripping nightmares in his ear, coaxing the truth from him during daytime murmurings.

Learning about the sarcophagus, Beckett with LucitaVykosAisling, BellRavana, HeshaFatima, Talley, Okulos and Ramona found it in Abu Minqar. There were words on the sarcophagus' lid, hieroglyphs older than Egypt that said Enosch or Enoch. When the sarcophagus was smuggled to Castel d’Ombro, Red Listers have attacked him and KemintiriPetaniqua and  Dylan Bruce incanted some ritual — necromantic, some manner of black thaumaturgy— before opening Sarcophagus. 

The contents of the Enosch Sarcophagus are left deliberately vague. Some chronicles will have room for an active member of the Second Generation. Others will utilize an awakened Sutekh. If the sarcophagus is empty, perhaps it contains only ash, or a message from its last inhabitant. Here are some possibilities: 

  •  Beckett awakens Ynoch, who, to his surprise, is serene and rational. Millennia ago, Ynoch poured all corruption into the Antediluvian known as Tzimisce, resulting in his childe housing two Beasts. Ynoch explains to Beckett that each of the Third Generation are weaker than they claim. The Jyhad is a huge ruse, perpetuated by vampires too infantile to exert their will by force or through visible dictates. He assures Beckett the Jyhad is simply a construct, and once vampires who seek freedom from it accept this fact, all strings will sever. Ynoch disappears soon after waking, intent on confronting the Inner Circle of the Camarilla and remolding the Sect into something more appropriate for tonight’s vampires.
  • Enosch is staked within the coffin. Once Beckett removes the wooden dagger in Enosch’s heart, the ancient monster howls and pursues a blood frenzy throughout Libya, Egypt, Israel, and Syria. The beast is a barreling force of destruction, born of murder. Wherever he travels, war follows in his wake. Every mortal who dies feeds his insatiable hunger, but he destroys no vampires. Blood supplies thin dramatically. As reality dawns on the Kindred, the eldest — irrespective of Clan and Sect — come together to plan a stop to Enosch’s rampage. Supposedly he slowed his massacre in Saudi Arabia, falling prey to the Keening. The Tal’Mahe’Ra seek to supplicate Enosch, return him to sanity, and benefit from the wisdom they pray still exists within him. They claim the Keening is the perpetual scream of Enosch’s sister, Zillah, trapped beneath Mecca.
  • The sarcophagus contains naught but ash, but even bloody soot serves a purpose. Beckett lists Enoch’s ashes at one of Albertus Magnus’ auctions, drawing attention from blood magicians the world over. Only once the ashes are bought, and a war breaks out immediately after, does the buyer discover the ashes in fact belong to what seems to be a thin-blooded fledgling. Confusion reigns as it appears potency of the blood is as cyclical as Gehenna.
  • Sutekh emerges from the sarcophagus, declaring all of North Africa his Clan’s domain. The Ashirra, Assamites, and Tal’Mahe’Ra provide an aggressive response. The Antediluvian commands his Clan to go to war. It takes little time for the Hierophants to observe their Clan’s rapid destruction in service to a lethargic, hungry god, unwilling to raise a finger in their defense. Rapidly, the Followers of Set dissolve into cells of branching faiths, mirroring the Clan’s original existence in the times of Typhon, Echidna, Kali, and Glycon. They openly adopt the name Mesu Bedshet, as the Children of Rebellion. Vampires somehow forget Sutekh’s existence. He happily slinks into the darkness, taking on the role of puppet master alongside his siblings.