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Enochian is a mystical language that is the main tongue of the spirit incantations of the Order of Hermes.


Enochian is the language in which Hermetics communicate with Astral Umbrood, use as an additional Focus for Rotes and style their hidden "true names"[1]. According to Hermetic legends, it was first revealed by the High Umbrood to mortal magicians[2]. More mundane theories point to the mage Hyapatia from Alexandria as the one responsible for first developing (or discovering) the language[3]. Later, the Hermetic John Dee bani Bonisagus and his assistant, the Dreamspeaker Edward Kelly, codified the syntax during the Elizabethan era. A bastardized version of the language circulates in occult Sleeper circles, but the true Enochian is a carefully guarded secret of the Order[1]. Although, members of Ancient Order of the Aeon Rites claim they have what is known as "true Enochian" as deciphered from their founder's dealings with the secret watchers, but are aware of the Order's claims.[4][5]

Enochian is written in a script that resembles the Coptic alphabet. Linguistically, Enochian has similarities to afro-asiatic languages like Hebrew, Akkadian or Egyptian[3]. As an additional hindrance, Enochian sentences can always be read in at least two ways. To decide which is the correct way is a matter of magical understanding (Arete) and guidance from one's Avatar[6].


The language of Enoch is also named Enochian and, though it fell out of use after the end of the Second City, was continued to be used by the Salubri Clan as a secret language[7]. It is unknown if the Enochian of the Salubri and the Enochian used by mages are related.

Real-world Enochian is said by occultists to be the language of[5] angels. In the Classic World of Darkness, no known link between Enochian and the original language of angels (and, by association, the One Language revealed to humanity by the Ten) exists.