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This page is about the first childe of Caine. You may be looking for the city of Enoch.

Enoch, "the Wise", was first progeny of Caine more than 10,000 years ago.


As king of the First City, Enoch and his people worshipped Caine, knowing of his mark and power. When the first vampire returned to the world of mortals, Enoch passed his kingship to Caine as the new ruler of the First City. Subsequently, Enoch desired such power, and begged for his Embrace. Against the wishes of the archangel Uriel, Caine embraced the wise Enoch as his first childe. In his honor, the First City was renamed the City of Enoch, and Caine ruled it until the Great Deluge.[6]

Enoch's wisdom served Caine well, thus becoming his advisor. As such, his childer would likely possess some similar form of insight. The Disciplines of Auspex is shared among Toreador, Malkavian, and Salubri Clans. Thus, the aptitude of a seer would be passed to the childer thought to be: Arikel, Malkav, and Saulot. These would serve well to be the "Seer Lineage".


2nd Gen.?


?Enoch "The Wise"?
3rd Gen.?


Arikel, Progenitor of the Toreador

Malkav, Progenitor of the Malkavians

Saulot, Progenitor of the Salubri

Ventrue, Progenitor of the Ventrue

Possible Childer

  • Because most of the Antediluvians lived in the First City of Enoch, it seems that many clan scholars assume that Enoch sired their progenitors. This is seen among the Ventrue, Brujah, Baali, Cappadocians, Setites, Tzimisce, even some Gangrel. Hence, the conflict of their origins to their Disciplines. However, keep in mind that when a clan claims their Antediluvian is a progeny from the second generation, it could quite possibly be a misinterpretation, maybe on their part, that the progeny is not a childe, but in fact a biological child. Deciphering childer from biological children can often cause much confusion amongst transcribers.


  • It is debated if Enoch is the biological son of Caine, suggested from a "Book of Genesis" reference.
  • Irad might be the biological son of Enoch from a "book of Genesis" reference.
  • See also Enosch Sarcophagus


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