In effect Enhancement is the Quantakinetic’s hacked version of Adaptation. Though not as effective as the Biokinetic modality, Enhancement can give the Quantakinetic the needed edge in the field that can often mean the difference between life and death.

O Basic Enhancement Basic Enhancement allows the Psion to temporarily increase the efficiency of his bodily systems, allowing him to become exceptional when he would otherwise be average or even pathetic. The gradual progression of Enhancement follows that the Psion simply becomes more refined in his ability to enhance his own physical, mental and social characteristics.

OO Heightened Senses At this level of mastery the Psion may enhance his senses to super human proportions seeing farther and more clearly, hearing a wider spectrum of sounds, feeling even the most subtle textures, tasting well enough to pick out the chemical composition of a substance (science roll may be required), and smelling precisely to track by sent.

OOO Bestowed Enhancement A natural outcropping of the Basic Enhancement technique, this ability allows the Psion to affect others in much the same way he uses Basic Enhancement to aid himself. This is the Quantakinetic ability that the Biokinetics adapted to become both Anabolysis and Catabolysis.

OOOO Picture of Health With this ability the Psion is able to accelerate the rate at which he heals, healing wounds that would usually talk months to a year in days or even hours.

OOOOO Endure Forte Members of the Dhrien who wished to supplement their martial skills while hunting Aberrants developed this technique. The Psion uses his mastery of the Enhancement mode to increase the strength of the molecular bonds in his own body. This along with an increase in mass allows the Psion sustain a much greater amount of damage and remain relatively healthy.

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