The Enforcers, also called the Hollow Men, are a Methodology of the Syndicate focusing on making sure the Masses respect the reality of money and pay their bills.

They primary deal with the Spheres of Forces and Mind.


The Hollow Men originate in the mercenary companies that the High Guild used to hire for the protection of their trade caravans. The greatest, the Resplendent Axe Company, was eventually incorporated into the Convention as their own guild. While the Resplendent Axes dealt with open dangers, the clandestine Rose Guild was founded to deal with enemies in court. In time, the Rose Guild and the Resplendent Axes joined forces and by the time of the Great Housecleaning, were fused into a single Methodology.


The Enforcers work on every side of the law and have agents among the police as well as organized crime. This is done out of ideological as well as pragmatic reasons. Bloodshed and open violence is avoided whenever possible, but against Reality Deviants, such reservations are not applicable. Also, the actual threat of violence is sometimes enough, and so, the Enforcers seed terror to nudge the Masses into a position they favor.

The Syndicate argues that the idea of money only functions so long as the Masses respect its reality. If debtors and defaulters could escape the system, money itself would become meaningless and human civilization would collapse. Enforcers exist to keep this idea in the heads of the Masses and thus hold it in the Consensus.

Enforcers are often the ones to bear the brunt of counter-attacks against the Syndicate. This is encouraged by the higher-ups, to have scapegoats for the case that a scheme goes awry.


  • Legal Division: The Legal Division deals with the enforcement of law to the advantage of the Syndicate and the Union, working as policemen, lawyers, judges,and prison managers.
  • Extralegal Division: The Extralegal Division, on the other hand, deals with the underworld of organized crime. Often simply referred to as the Cartel, they have agents in all major crime organizations. In recent times, they have begun to lobby for an own methodology that would deal with the globalized nature of organized crime more effectively.
  • Extranational Division: The Extranational Division deals with the trans-national mercenary companies and private security firms that work on an international level. Extranational has often financed both sides of a conflict and billed both sides afterwards.
  • InSpectors: InSpectors (short for Information Specialists) are master infiltrators and often used for industrial espionage, but also to infiltrate chantries and scope impending business mergers. InSpectors are put through harsh and merciless training and, as a result, are among the elite of the Methodology.

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