Through a manipulation of the four forces (five counting Psi) of the Universe the Psion is able to generate almost any form of energy. At higher levels of Energetics the Psion is able to direct and shape his emissions.

O Energy Production When this power is active random blasts of energy emanate from somewhere on the Psion’s body. The produced energy can be uses to light an area, provide background noise, harm an opponent or one of countless other applications.

OO Quantum Blast A more refined form of Energy production, Quantum Blast allows the Psion to produce a directed burst of energy. This power is manifested in variety of different fashions depending on the type of energy the Psion chooses to generate. Thermal attacks can be produced by agitating or slowing the movement of molecules in a given medium (usually a fluid like air), while electrical jolts can by formed by drawing the electrons out of the local area and arcing them at the target. These are only a few applications of this ability.

OOO Quantum Shield With few Dhrien having any true military training the use of bulky armors became problematic while hunting and capturing Aberrants. To give hunters in the field a defensive edge a group of Dhrien researchers developed yet another more refined form of Energy Production. Quantum Shield is generated in much the same way Quantum Bolt is, the primary difference is that energy produced is focused into a sphere or aura surrounding the Psion rather than being directed at a target.

OOOO Quantum Storm In keeping with the Chitra Bhanu philosophy of pushing the boundaries of existing abilities and refining more basic techniques and theories the Quantum Shield was improved upon. Much like the Quantum Shield the Quantum Storm provides protection against injury in battle. However, unlike the shield, which was merely a defensive aptitude, the storm also provides an offensive edge. During the initial development and field testing of this mode researchers found that one of its short comings was that in the heat of battle the use of this ability often lead to Dhrien injuring their own teammates.

OOOOO Noetic Conversion Noetic Conversion broke the mold use to forge previous Energetics modes, in a way it was an application of Energetics to Noetic science at it’s most basic levels, Psi itself. Psion particles can be converted into almost any form of matter, and almost any from of matter can be converted into Psions. It is this aspect of Psi that allows for most Quantakinetic as well as most other Aptitudes to even function. Noetic Conversion is an exploration of this most basic tenet of Noetic theory. Through focusing on a particular form of energy, like heat or electricity the Psion is able to alter the Noetic spectrum in such a way that the particular form of energy being focused on can be changed into an equal amount of Psion particles. In fewer words the Psion can actually

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