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Eneas "Bloody Thread" Zoetope is an Unseelie Satyr on a terrible mission.


Eneas Zoetope.png

Once upon a time, a mortal maid went hiking in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. When she didn't return home to her friends and family, everyone assumed the worst, and sure enough, her maimed body was discovered on a back trail a few days later. Forensic science seems to suggest that her body had been partially devoured by a large carnivore, perhaps a bear, but their wasn't much left to analyze. Eneas, her brother, knew better. The dead girl was his sister Clio, a student of anthropology like himself. Together, they'd studied myths and legends of many different cultures, especially those of Native Americans who had lived in the Northeast of Concordia, with an eye to learning more about changelings. Eneas knew a hungry Rock Giant in its Winter aspect had killed his sister. Shortly before they buried her, he cut off a hank of her long, black hair. Once a gentle scholar, poet, and romantic, he became cruel and bloodthirsty; out for revenge against all Nunnehi. He is a pitiful Kithain, totally consumed by his dark, inner urges; traveling and searching for the nunnehi, brutally killing whoever he finds: youngling, brave, or elder, no matter what Nation or Family. On each body he leaves a strand of his sister's hair which, on first inspection, looks like a bloody strand of thread (hence his nickname) Before he disappeared, High King David was deeply disturbed by the reports of Nunnehi slaying and had assembled a motley to investigate the deaths. Needless to say, the Nunnehi are none to calm about the matter either.


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