Enchanter is a special drug created by the Sluagh.

Overview Edit

Enchanter Drug

Expensive beyond belief but increasingly common, Enchanter is the street name for a hallucinogenic drug that brings mortals into the Dreaming for an hour or two. The transition is neither gradual nor pleasant; one minute the victim is looking at a sunny park full of flowers and the next the bloodshot eyes of chimera stare at them from every crevice.

The drug is used by sluagh of both courts primarily as an instrument of revenge, particularly against the aggressively or rudely banal. The arrogant professor who demeans a crawler students favorite fantasiste may find themselves beset by chimera in the faculty lounge. The rent-a-cop who tells a sluagh graffiti artist to move along could find those paintings coming to life when he passes by the next time.

The easiest vector for application is oral, but skin contact works as well.

None but the sluagh have the secret of manufacturing the drug, though certain satyrs have made exorbitant offers for the "recipe."

References Edit

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