Called the Enchanted Ones, Encantado share some similarities with their northern cousins, the Selkie.


Both are water-born fae, both spend their lives split between their two worlds, but that is where the similarities end. Where selkie originate in saltwater areas, encantado are bound to freshwater lakes, rivers, and streams. It is said that staring into their eyes can drive mortals mad and it is incredibly bad luck to kill one. At night, they shed their animal skin and take on the features of a mortal, seeking out companions on land for carnal pleasure. The child of such a union will often become encantado themselves and, if born on land, will be reclaimed by the encantado parent when they finally awaken. According to legend, it is possible for any mortal that has pledged their love to an encantado to become one if they wish, but the exact method of how this is achieved is a closely hidden secret of their kind.

Amongst the encantado, there is no difference given between those born that way or those who come to it later in life; all who are enchanted are equal and are family. Shying away from the coastlines, they have spread to any river deep enough for them to remain unseen, with rumored sightings as far north as Tara Nar. Rarely do they own the property they reside on, preferring to use their considerable charm to schmooze their way into the owner’s good graces, although this can quickly become a nuisance as inviting one in becomes an open invitation for others to join.

Appearance & LifestyleEdit

Beautiful and graceful, encantado have an unearthly appeal to them. Their skin is luminous, seeming to glow from the inside regardless of tone. Silken soft, almost slick to the touch, they never scar and it is a rare thing to see one mark their skin with tattoos. They have deep, dark eyes, like a still lake on a moonless night, which draw others into their depths with a look. Even in their mortal seeming their bodies are usually hairless, and what hair they have on their heads tends toward a silken fuzz, though they turn this to their advantage with a flair for hats, head scarves, or fashionably short haircuts.

Encantado most often enjoy Revelry by hosting parties, though sometimes they delight in crashing someone else’s and making it their own before vanishing. Long moonlight swims can be quite refreshing as well. During Unleashing Encantado gleam with otherworldly light as suddenly everything around them drifts and sways as though underwater, while cool currents and ethereal singing fill the air. Sound distorts, save for the encantado’s voice, which is clear and perfect.

Birthrights & FrailitiesEdit


  • Life of the Party: Parties hosted by the encantado are epic happenings, drawing people from all corners to rub elbows with one another. Not the most highbrow of affairs, they tend more towards beach parties and bonfires, with drinks poured strong. But encantado have a knack for getting along with most and the uncanny ability to avoid stepping on toes. Encantado cannot botch Empathy rolls, and subtract -2 from the difficulty of all non-aggressive social rolls while at a party or other festive gathering.
  • Hypnotic Gaze: The depths of their eyes seem to draw you in, sinking deeper and deeper. If an encantado speaks to a person for at least 1 minute and makes fairly consistent eye contact during that time, she gains two extra dots of Manipulation on all rolls with this person for the rest of the scene, even if this takes her above 5. This ability does not work on bondmates or other encantado.


  • Soul Bond: Despite their reputation for flirtation and carefree partying, encantado often bond for life with a mortal (or mortals). Encantado can spend 1 Glamour to feel their bondmate’s general emotional state at any distance, and are automatically aware if a bondmate is injured. Bonds must be entered into willingly and can be broken at any time, though doing so immediately expends all of a character’s Willpower due to the trauma of the experience. Bonds can even be formed between a mortal and multiple encantado. This bond does not have to be sexual or romantic in nature, but is always an intensely intimate emotional bond. Encantado are tied to their water homes. Water-Born: Encantado must spend at least two daylight hours fully submerged in fresh water in order to heal or restore Glamour at a normal rate. If they spend twenty-eight hours without finding a place to swim, the encantado will not regain Glamour until they do. This body of water must be at least twice the size of a standard bathtub and unpolluted by chemicals such as chlorine.
  • Coward’s Curse: Masters of the great party, lovers of all, encantado are never more at home than when surrounded by happy faces. Conflict has no place in the heart of these playful fae, and they avoid it whenever possible. If an encantado is forced into an aggressive situation, the player must succeed on a Willpower roll, with difficulty based on how badly the odds are stacked against them, to avoid backing down or fleeing. If forced to fight anyway, they must spend 1 Willpower or 1 Glamour point every round they wish to take any action other than to flee or beg for an end to the hostilities.


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