Enablers are Begotten who hunger for Transgression. They entice, coerce or deceive their victims into doing something that the victim believes to be wrong, and gain Satiety from the ensuing shame or guilt.

Enablers have one of the more complex Hungers, as their victims must knowingly choose to transgress. There may be some degree of pressure or deception involved, but (for instance) tricking a devout Jew into eating pork would not be effective, nor would force-feeding it to her against her will. Rather, the Enabler has to choose a target who is, on some level, already willing to transgress, and simply give them enough rope to hang themselves.

The victim must also transgress a value that is important to their sense of self. In the previous example, a secular Jew who hasn't really kept kosher since childhood would not feel enough remose at indulging in a bacon cheeseburger for the Enabler to feed. On the other hand, a militant vegan who belongs to a constellation of animal-welfare organizations and runs a recipe/activist blog would make an excellent target for a burger-wielding Enabler.

At high levels of Satiety, the transgression must be grave--something that would get a religious leader excommunicated or bring down a politician. Such trangressions not only ruin the victim's life but also may cause severe Integrity loss. At lower levels of Satiety, nearly anything that would make the target guilty will suffice, such as encouraging a spat between friends.


Beast: The Primordial Hungers

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