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The Empusae are a bloodline of the Gangrel Clan that is centered around its founder, the Gangrel Prytania Hecate, who lets herself be revered as a goddess. So far, all members of the bloodline are female and part of the cult that revers Hecate.

Prytania Hecate and her children have never encountered another vampire. They do not understand vampiric slang or the feudal class system of mainstream Kindred society. They are ignorant of the etiquette required when a vampire enters another's domain, or of the power of the Prince or Primogen. The do not even know they are descended from the Gangrel.

Many tenets of the Empusae resonate with the Circle of the Crone.


The Empusae originate in a small town near the sea in New England. Prytania Hecate was Embraced there and nested in the tunnels beneath the city, constructing a warren that stretches beneath the whole town. Her brood, consisting of three of her childer - Danae, Euterpe and Medea - who act as her high priestesses, conducts other girls into the bloodline, stealing them from their homes and raising them to revere Hecate.

The Empusae are those girls that have shown the aptitude to act as priests, beyond the confines of the regular Embrace. All Hecate's daughters share a common animal feature - the legs of a goat - when they are in their true form. Beyond that, Hecate and her childer prefer young women who have experienced the oppression of men and are stronger for it.


Upon initiation into the Empusae, the character relinquishes any dots she had in Animalism, and gains an equal ranking in Auspex. Further, animals are repelled by the presence of an Empusa. Animals panic when confronted by a Daughter, and if flight is not immediately available, they will fight.


Vampire: The Requiem - Bloodlines of the Gangrel clan

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