Empress Aliara, also known as the Countess Desire, is the Maeljin Incarna of Karnala, the Urge Wyrm of Desire.


Empress Aliara is rumored to have been a popular courtesan during Caliph Haroun al-Raschid’s reign. She has a profound understanding of people’s innermost lusts and desires and spurs her victims to act with reckless abandon by falsely assuring them of the lush rewards they will obtain. She appears as the ideal object of desire to whomever she speaks.

She can appear to be an incarnation of wanton sexuality, maternal or paternal nurturing care, or the most loving child imaginable. When she wishes, every person she deals with sees her differently. While almost everyone she encounters desires her, Aliara sees others as nothing more than disposable tools to satisfy her own desires.

Only someone Aliara desires can destroy her. To destroy her, someone who is under her influence (Mental Taint) must locate her, temporarily resist her charms, and while seemingly captivated by her, swear allegiance to her. As he so swears, he must steal a weapon from Aliara and use it to deliver a killing blow. The most difficult part of this act is failing to kill Aliara; he actually has sworn allegiance to her, thus giving himself over to the Wyrm. A few have tried this tactic, and Aliara enjoys collecting and playing with servants who were failed assassins.


The typical servants of Aliara are the fomori known as Enticers.[citation needed]


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