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The Empire of Tears is one of the Great Slow Empires and the "Court" of the Ondines, a Phyla of the Inanimae.



The Ondines run their empire as an Athenian-style Democracy. Any Nereid may cast a vote on any issue. A Speaker suggests policy but decisions may be called to review by a vote of no less than 20 others of the empire. The Speaker is elected for 3 years and is considered the wisest and most intelligent of the Phyla. Currently this position is held by Nina who lives in a small, warm water cove of the Pacific Ocean


The Dreaming Homeland of the Heart Collectors is a vast ocean extending over every horizon. 20 miles deep, within it is a gigantic city of coral buildings and highways. Any visitor who visits must be able to breath underwater. Many Pirate captains of the Fiefs of Bright Paradise have secrets to navigate shortcuts here through the Dreaming as it is attached to every body of water on Earth and in the Dreaming.


Politically the empire has no enemies and remains on friendly terms with all other Inanimae. They claim to have forgiven the Solimonds but tend to turn frosty in their presence. This could just be because fire and water have never been on the best terms.


The Autumnal Equinox is a holiday jointly hosted by the Ondines and Parosemes. All are invited to the underwater palaces of the Nereids with oxygen supplied by the Silfar. Feasting is great and gifts are given.


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Changeling: The Dreaming: Slow Empires

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