The Empire of Skies is one of the Great Slow Empires and the "Court" of the Parosemes, a Phyla of the Inanimae.

Overview Edit

The government of the Silfar can best be described as a cross between anarchy and tribalism. Once a year the 13 oldest active members met and debate issues that effect all Sprites and then make long, ornate proclamations that are promptly ignored by everybody. There is a council, however, made up currently of 6 Gladelings and 6 Krofted. The leader is still Mach One, an old, powerful Sylph who used to toy with airplanes until Banality corrupted his realm, who makes his abode at the top of one of the highest mountains. Mach is the only known Paroseme who can issue a command and have the empire obey out of sheer respect.

Homeland Edit


Found in the Deep Dreaming, the Paroseme Homeland looks like an entire country made of clouds and glass. Phantasmal animals graze on cloud-like grass and whispy folk meander the delicate countryside by foot or flight. At the very center of the realm a tower of clouds, shaped like a unicorn's horn, reaches up, as solid as marble. At the top is where the council meets.

Politics Edit

Relations are good with the Empire of Tears with a steady trade of Rain for Evaporation. The Empire of Stones is considered too boring for anything more than cursory relations. They are on friendly terms with the Empire of Seeds. While there are no plans to join the blockade of the Empire of Flames, the Gladeling councilors continue to agitate for such a move. No one has anything to say to the Empire of Dolls.

Holidays Edit

The Autumn Equinox is a joint Festival for the Ondines and Parosemes. All are invited to the underwater palaces of the Nereids with oxygen supplied by the Silfar. Feasting is great and gifts are given.

References Edit

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