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The Empire of Seeds is one of the Great Slow Empires and the "Court" of the Kuberas, a Phyla of the Inanimae.


The Dryad's nation is a sylvan grouping that shares lives and goods. The have a monarch who is proclaimed every decade by a sacred rite that no one outside of Phylum has ever seen. The King or Queen has a privy council that helps in decision making. The current ruler is Her Royal Majesty Queen Driyanna. A Gladeling, she is halfway through her term and is trying to bring the Gladelings and Krofted together with mixed success.



In the Dreaming, the Nymphs' Homeland is a far-reaching forest in the center of the Homeland Realms. In the center of the forest is a city grown entirely from trees, many of them still choked with ivy, but as the Kuberas awaken the city returns to its lively ways.


Politically, the Dryads support the Glomes but do have reservations about the treatment of the Solimond Homeland. As the Phyla most affected by the War of Making, they aren't too terribly sympathetic to the the cause of Solimond re-integration.


  • The Spring Equinox - This festival is a great Faire hosted by the Kuberas. Inanimae musicians, artists, and craftsfae meet to show their wares and all celebrate the renewal of life and Winter's end. If the leaders of the empires need to make any joint announcements, this is the time and place.
  • The Moot - This is the holiday where the Kuberas gather in a huge glade on highsummer somewhere in Russia. Here the Dryads are allowed to petition their monarch. If their 10 year reign is over, the current monarch is sent into Somnolence and a new one is chosen. Invitations are highly sought after and few are given. Those without an invitation can never find the place. High King David was invited last year by personal request of Queen Driyanna and declined with apologies. The results of the snub are yet to be felt.


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Changeling: The Dreaming: Slow Empires

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