The Empire of Flames is one of the Great Slow Empires and the "Court" of the Solimonds, a Phyla of the Inanimae.


The Making War shattered the Solimonds and scattered them in a diaspora, leaving them unwelcome fugitives wherever they roamed. In its heyday, the empire was a complex imperial monarchy with levels of nobility and pageantry and ceremonies that rivaled anything the Sidhe could come up with. Now, in exile, several groups claim to be the true court-in-exile. In their Homeland, the Glomes have set up a puppet emperor, a fat, slovenly Krofted fae called Kksh whose Anchor is a gas fireplace in Manhattan. Supported by the Heavy People, he claims the place of rightful emperor.


Now a shattered ruin, the Dreaming Homeland of the Salamanders was once a bronze vista of palaces and estates with a horizon of flame lighting up the sky. An eon of siege and occupation have been a heavy burden and its towns and cities are wrecks. The exception is the capital which is basically deserted but for Kksh's followers and Glome street patrols.


Funny enough, the only empire with diplomatic relations to the Empire of Flames is the Empire of Stones and it only recognizes their puppet, Kksh. Any other pretender to the thrown is, at best, ignored, and at worst attacked. Most Solimonds only hold their empire in their hearts and refuse to return until it is in their hands again.


  • Inanimae17.png
    Summer Solstice - Once a stately and noble masque of great beauty as well as a 4-day University where the Solimonds would gather and share their knowledge, this festival is now a drunken Bacchanal presided over by Kksh with fire-wine dribbling from his mouth onto his tunic. The only Salamanders who attend are yes-men and fawning underlings seeking to gain favor. Its current state prevents many Inanimae from bothering to attend.
  • Remembrance Day - A holiday only for the Solimonds in exile, this is a grey, sorrowful day when they remember their lost Homeland with dolorous processions, flickering fire in the night, and singing dirges. This holiday is outlawed by the Heavy People in the Solimond Homeland.


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Changeling: The Dreaming: Slow Empires

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