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The Empire of Dolls is one of the Great Slow Empires and the "Court" of the Mannikins, a Phyla of the Inanimae.



The Toys claim to have no empire or Homeland. They gather occasionally in quiet parts of the Dreaming to keep their councils private and will occasionally appear to give advice within the courts of the other empires. An emissary claiming to speak for the whole of the Mannikins wears a black robe and even the Marshall of the Glomes listens when the black-robe appears with news.


Deep in the Dreaming there is rumored to be a small, Victorian townhouse in a field of Kentucky bluegrass. Within, with a well appointed interior, is the meeting place of the Doll's council. This is only a rumor. The Mannikins have never invited anyone to their meeting place. Darker rumors exist as well but nothing is proven.


In the politics of the empires, the Toys serve as catalysts for change. When their emissary appears, shifts in policy are close at hand. Many wonder what the secret of the black-robes is, but the other empires will never reveal what is said. The few times an emissary has addressed a whole empire, war has quickly followed. The Solimonds have had no official visit since the taking of their Homeland but some claim that when the nation is reunited the Dolls will send their emissaries again but some claim it will only be to the true monarch. While one would think the Mannikins would be the empire most sympathetic to the Salamanders, they have said nothing about their intentions.


While the Mannikins have no yearly ritual, rumors persist of time stolen on New Year's Eve between 11:59 and Midnight. People whisper that in that minute all the Toys awaken and live out a whole day fully human then return to their Anchors and time rewinds to Midnight again. IF it were true, it would help explain how the Dolls know so much that remains hidden to the other empires.


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