Emma-O, the dark lord of Kakuri Yomi is one of the main contenders in the great war of the Yama Kings for the seat of the Demon Emperor.

The epitome of the Yin Aspect, Emma-O is a calculated, thought out individual lacking mercy. Usually appearing as an exceedingly tall man, wearing a long beard and generally cultivating a hairy appearance, with skin of obsidian, dressed in Ainu cloth bearing designs of battle, disease and death. He is often accompanied by his beautiful Shikome servants.

History Edit

Originally Emma-O was the guide of the dead for the Ainu peoples of the islands known today as Japan. Revered as a benevolent deity, Emma-O gained great power and took upon himself to punish the wicked and protect the good. This worked well until the modern day inhabitants came, subjugating and decimating the Ainu people. Emma-O was furious and wanted revenge against the Japanese... and they delivered it to him.

The Japanese saw Emma-O as a demonic lord of punishment and partially integrated him into their beliefs. This was enough for Emma-O to gain power and become the demon of punishment they saw him as, feeding his rage and punishing the sinners.

Taking the small Yomi region known as Soko No Kuni (The Deep Land), Emma-O cultivated the darkness and the icy cold of the realm transforming it into the dreaded realm of Kakuri. Thus Emma-O became the Daimyo Of The Dark.

Well known among the lords and being one of the greatest power, his victory over Pika Don made him one of the closest pretenders to the throne. In Kyuden no Kakuri, his dark fortress, he sits and plots his moves for the future.

State of Mind Edit

Emma-O sees Mikaboshi as his greatest contender for the Demon Seat, and slowly plans to undermine him.

Though he is cold and distant, Emma-O has become what he hated most. All he has left is his desire for vengeance. Through his facade cracks exist. One of them is a secret heaven of the Ainu open only to Ainu who end up in his Hell and are of pure heart. The other is the fact that he seeks pain and punishment for his wickedness. Seven times a week, behind the obsidian doors of his fortress, he orders his closest Shikome to bind him, torture him and flay him. These ordeals last from one to twenty hours, and he has been known to award the most creative and cruel Shikome with freedom. Where they leave, none know.

Jizo Bosatsu may be the only person that rattles Emma-O. Not only is the wanderer capable of coming and going from Kakuri as he pleases and always foiling his plans, but he also epitomizes honor, compassion and rightness of action. All of these traits are things that Emma-O lost.


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