The Emerald Lord is master of the Emerald Legion, the victims of Happenstance.


There are at least two Emerald Lords in Stygian history. The first (also known as Smaragdus, from the Latin for "emerald") was a venal and conservative politician who ran the legion for his own personal enrichment. Smaragdus' legion was inefficient, corrupt and dedicated to lining its own pockets at every level of the hierarchy.

During the Great War, Smaragdus initially aligned with the Smiling Lord out of pure self-interest. When the Smiling Lord started to lose, he dropped the lord like a hot nihil and joined the Loyalist side. Smaragdus was eventually taken down after doublecrossing the Monitors Guild; after the end of the War, they took out all of his close contacts until he was driven from the Legion by his own Anacreons.

After the Great War, the Emerald Legion is known for its forward thinking and independent character. This Emerald Lord (either a replacement or the result of some really creative personality restructuring) places a heavy emphasis on the independence of his legion and the adoption of new ideas, making the Emerald Legion one of the most efficient and well-adjusted organization in Stygia.


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