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The Elohim, also called Angels, are winged celestial beings who served as messengers and attendants of God in Heaven.


The Elohim were the first creatures created by God, born from His radiance on the first day of Creation. Each Elohim is a mote of divine power and wisdom, and their light was the first dawn of Creation. They stood at the edge of the cosmos, pushing back the void, for God made them to be the guardians and caretakers of all that He created.[1]

To be more specific, Elohim are those angels that still serve directly under God. Elohim that participated in the Fall and subsequent Rebellion are no longer considered Elohim, but are instead referred to as the Fallen. Some Fallen who see themselves as wrongfully banished to the Abyss still refer to themselves as Elohim, but are not actually accepted as such by either God nor their brethren.[2][citation needed]

In the current World of Darkness, no trace remains of the Elohim or God, much to the puzzlement of the Fallen who escaped the Abyss. According to Lucifer, only two Elohim remain in Creation.


Elohim are spirits of pure light. Although an Elohim's Visage varies with their House, they are generally humanoid in appearance, but with large feathered wings on their backs.



Wraiths are aware of Angelic and Demonic, a class of Plasmics who inhabit the Tempest. Some acknowledge them as literal angels and demons, but many do not and are unaware of the Elohim or the Fallen.


Although they are of the same race and once dwelt in Heaven with them, the Elohim, full of contempt, do not acknowledge the Fallen as their own.


The word "Elohim" comes from Hebrew אלוהים. The literal translation is "The Mighty One", often used to describe the Hebrew god.