Lady Ellyndil is a Seelie Sidhe Wilder of House Fiona in the Principality of Tears in Albion.

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Lady Ellyndil, also known as Ellen Dilford, is well-known among Kithain and mortals alike as a great patroness of the arts. Her artist colony in the Lakes District, Park-a-Moor, is becoming known as one of the most beautiful retreats for up-and-coming English painters and other artists. Those who pass the portfolio review for admission are guaranteed room and board for a year, as well as whatever materials they need, within reason.

A shrewd politician, Lady Ellyndil is content to advise friends like Davey Wheelwright on policy, rather than get into the trenches herself. She seems to remember having been someone terribly important in Arcadia, and uses that as a reason to stay out of politics here in this world.

She once invited Lady Greenlance up for a long weekend, as they both shared an interest in promoting the young artists in the area. But it soon became apparent that the lady from Nottingham was an incorrigible Ravager, more interested in what she could obtain from her victims than the actual art they produced. The two quarreled, and have not spoken since.

Lady Ellyndil has a young ward named Jamie.

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This lovely sidhe's laughing blue eyes have been compared by more than one poet to the color of a lake at midsummer. She usually wears her ash-blond hair up in a loose knot, and favors long, intricate earrings.

In her fae mien, Lady Ellyndil wears gowns of subdued blues and greens, often embroidered with a silver dragonfly pattern, matching the standard that flies above her home. She is often seen playing her lute, a master crafted instrument inlaid with stiver knotwork along its neck.

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Ellyndil is a serious woman most of the time, for she understand the realities of life as an artist. But though her practical side has allowed her to bring the music and art she loves together in this beautiful place, it would all mean nothing without a sense for the beautiful, for the magical things in life.

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