Ellison Humboldt is an influential 6th generation Nosferatu of Berlin.


Ellison was disfigured since birth; one of his arms was too long and one of his legs was too short. Nevertheless, he had people who looked after him, but never had a mistress before Melitta Wallenberg came into his life. His lover was beautiful but one night she asked him if he still would love her if she was not as beautiful. Ellison answer was yes, and Melitta showed her true face as one of the ugly Nosferatu.

Ellison wanted to recoil from that dreadful sight, but thinking of his own malformed flesh he did not refuse her. As a reward, she gave him the Embrace. Ellison was soon initiated into the world of the Kindred as the pair left together and traveled through many places before they came to the city of Berlin. Prince Gustav wanted to deny them their right to stay, but the pair had Wilhelm Waldburg to thank for their permanence in the domain.

When Melitta was crushed under a collapsed sewer section during World War II, she was forced into torpor. Since then Ellison has become one of the most influential, if not the most influential, Cainite in the city, supplying both of the Princes of Berlin with priceless information.

In 1990, Ellison's grandsire, Baba Yaga, awoke from torpor. Her rise awoke Melitta as well and at the Iron Hag's command she began scheming with Ellison to crown Wilhelm the sole Prince of the city. In 1997, Prince Gustav was killed by the Blood Curse and in the following years, Wilhelm became Prince of Berlin. Both Ellison and Melitta's fate afterward is unknown.

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