Ellen "Cat" Rynson is an Eshu photographer, presumably Ojo and Wilder, and a member of House Liam.

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Ellen Rynson

Cat is one of those former Commoners held up as shining examples of why House Liam is fine with accepting commoners into their ranks. She underwent her Chrysalis in college and changed from a shy journalism student into a talented Eshu photographer. She took off to travel and change the world right after graduation. Soon she discovered the nobility behind the stories about House Liam and joined with pride.

She is currently working on a collection of photos of broken families, abused children, battered wives, and other corruptions of the human spirit. Her past books are unblinking looks at the darker side of humanity. More than anything she wants to make it impossible for people to ignore the pain and suffering out there.

Unfortunately this isn't a good strategy for sales and while Cat is talented she isn't good at convincing Middle America to buy her depressive coffee-table books and display them. And she's too stubborn to change. She can usually find House members to put her up for a night or two on her travels and continues to put her stories and pictures out there.

The many people she has met, both Kithain and mortal, talk about her strong demeanor, full of laughter and life. She is quick to anger when she sees injustice - a tendency that gets her into trouble more often than an impartial fortune allows. She has better luck in the battle when she uses her art instead of fists but she doesn't always think before acting.

References Edit

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