Elijah Ahmed was a 6th generation Assamite and the last known Caliph of his clan.


Haqim has stretched my existence, but it was Allah Who gave me life. He, Allah, is One. Allah is He on Whom all depend. He begets not, nor is He begotten, and none is like Him.
  — Elijah Ahmed

Elijah Ahmed had walked the sun-scorched desert sands since the first days of the Holy Prophet Muhammad. Possibly a member of the Web of Knives, Elijah had always been an ardent Muslim and became Caliph of Alamut after his sire, Thetmes, entered in torpor.

In 1999 Elijah was summoned to a labyrinthic crypt, deep toward the heart of the earth. There, in a vast chamber, he met the herald of Haqim sitting upon an arrangement of mammoth stones, an unadorned throne crafted from bedrock; Ur-Shulgi questioned Elijah Ahmed about his loyalties.

Since Elijah could not bring himself to reject Allah and his Islamic faith, the methuselah conjured a fiery desert wind that burned the Caliph down, but not before reclaiming the blood of Haqim from his body.

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