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Elena's Mirror is a unique, Level 5 Treasure of House Eiluned.



One of the few remaining treasures from the Mythic Age, no one knows for certain who possesses this extremely powerful one. It is said that Elena's mirror lets the bearer see clearly to anywhere else in the world for a period of up to one hour, once per day. In addition, it allows the bearer to cast cantrips on those pictured in the mirror. It is believed that the mirror aids especially in casting Sovereign, for there are tales from ages long past of sorceresses using mirrors to influence the decisions of kings and princes halfway across the world.


Elena's Mirror shows any location for up to an hour once per day, and it gives the user an additional five dice for Soothsay cantrips during that period. It also gives the bearer an additional three dice for Sovereign cantrips cast on those depicted in the mirror.


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