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The Contracts of Elements are a set of changeling abilities found in Changeling: The Lost. It is associated with and used by the Elementals.

Element contracts are purchased separately for each desired element; for example, a character could take three dots in Fire Element and one dot in Wood Element, and each is considered a separate contract. However, if a changeling already knows at least one element discipline, they may take another at half-cost up to their highest level of element. Since the character above has three dots in Fire, they may purchase up to two more dots in Wood at half-cost.

Known elements include fire, electricity, water, ice, earth, metal, wood, air, smoke, mist, glass, and shadow. Any base material can be considered an element and be included in the contract.


  • Menu hover bullet.pngMenu bullet.pngMenu bullet.pngMenu bullet.pngMenu bullet.png Cloak of the Elements - If the changeling has a representation of an element, they may protect themselves from any version of this element with a mystical "cloak".
  • Menu hover bullet.pngMenu hover bullet.pngMenu bullet.pngMenu bullet.pngMenu bullet.png Armor of the Element's Fury - Once a changeling touches the element, they may form an armor of it around themselves that also damages anyone who attempts to touch or grab them.
  • Menu hover bullet.pngMenu hover bullet.pngMenu hover bullet.pngMenu bullet.pngMenu bullet.png Control Element - If enough of the element surrounds them, a changeling can manipulate the movement of the element itself.
  • Menu hover bullet.pngMenu hover bullet.pngMenu hover bullet.pngMenu hover bullet.pngMenu bullet.png Calling the Element - If called as part of a show or viewing, the changeling can call existing elements from other locations to them.
  • Menu hover bullet.pngMenu hover bullet.pngMenu hover bullet.pngMenu hover bullet.pngMenu hover bullet.png Become the Primal Foundation - After meditating on an element for at least thirty minutes, the changeling can turn themselves into that element.


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