An elemental pole is one of the five cardinal points of Creation. In the North is the Elemental Pole of Air, in the East is the Elemental Pole of Wood, in the South is the Elemental Pole of Fire, and in the West is the Elemental Pole of Water. These four poles act as the boundaries of shaped Creation, beyond which lies only the Wyld. At the center of the Blessed Isle, beneath Mount Meru, lies the Elemental Pole of Earth, the central axis of Creation, upon whose stability all else relies. It is claimed by some that Creation revolves around the central pole of Earth, and that this revolution is the cause of the seasons, though other savants say it is the Heavens that move instead.

The poles are not just the edges of Creation, but possibly the source of their respective Elements, and home to the most powerful elementals of each type. As one moves closer to the four active poles, their elemental effects grow stronger, so only the mightiest of Exalts and elementals of the appropriate type can survive in close proximity.

It is unclear how the boundaries formed by the poles interact with the Wyld; the western pole of Water, for example, seems to become infinite ocean, but somewhere "beyond" that infinity lies the true shapeless infinities of the Wyld.

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