In the world view of the Hsien, an Elemental Soul is an aspect of the Soul that governs certain functions based on the 5 Elements of Eastern Cosmology.

Overview Edit

Changeling Lotus
In Eastern Cosmology, there are 5 elements: Earth, Fire, Metal, Wood, and Water. These elements are not the immutable ideals of the Greek Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. They are material and spiritual correspondences that interact in subtle ways. For a greater discussion on the topic see Wu Tan.

Different aspects of the soul are governed by one of the 5 elements, as are different Attributes.

  • Earth - Wisdom, Knowledge, Common sense, and Intelligence
  • Fire - Propriety, Manners, Codes of conduct, Enforcing precepts of society, Charisma and Wits
  • Metal - Justice, Honesty, Fair play, Perception and Dexterity
  • Wood - Morality, Lust, Empathy, Compassion, Vitality and Health, Appearance and Strength
  • Water - Faith, Fidelity, Confidence, Manipulation and Stamina

References Edit

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