Eleanor de Valois was a 6th generation Brujah who acted as a moderator during the Convention of Thorns.


An attractive woman with long dark hair and frank, appraising eyes, Eleanor is the childe of one of the founders of the Camarilla, Adana de Sforza. Despite this close affiliation, Eleanor was trusted by the anarchs as a voice of moderation and reason. A philosopher at heart, Eleanor sympathized with the anarch position, but privately agreed that the Kindred needed the Camarilla's protective influence to keep them safe from destruction at the hands of mortals.

As the facilitator and chief spokesperson for the convention, Eleanor keenly felt her responsibility to keep the meetings focused and to prevent the attendant Cainites from lapsing into shouting matches or brawls. While polite, she maintains a cool reserve toward everyone at the convention, lest she be accused of playing favorites.

Eleanor follows the Road of Humanity and excells in etiquette. She speaks French, Italian, German, English, and Latin. Although her best Discipline is Presence, she has impressive fighting skills augmented by her Celerity and Potence. Her mastery of Auspex allows her to look into the hearts of others and make accurate assessments of their intentions.

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