Garou glyph for Elder

Elder is the prestigious 5th Rank in the Garou Nation hierarchy.


Only the head Garou of some of the Thirteen Tribes and those most rare and exceptional Garou who achieve such Renown as to become living legends and whose awesome deeds will be told for time immemorial can ever attain the sixth Rank, outranking an Elder. Elders are a small minority within the Nation, each has earned such Renown as to be known of by the Fostern of Septs across the world.

To qualify to Challenge for the rank, a Garou must have earned an inspiring degree of Renown in the category most valued in her Auspice. An Elder Theurge must be acknowled as being of the wisest of all Garou. An Elder Philodox must be among the most honorable of all Garou, her integrity believed by virtually all to be utterly impeccable. Elder Ahroun and Galliards have a staggering list of glorious victories. To qualify to Challenge for the Elder rank, an Athro Ragabash must be Renouned in some mix of Glory, Honor, and Wisdom as to be overall Renouned more than her counterpart of another Auspice with their respective minimum amount of Renown to challenge for the rank.

Elders are the most likely to lead Septs and all of the greater Caerns are lead by them. An Elder has the self-discipline to resist Frenzy with greater ease then she had as an Athro, a degree of control extraordinary to the Fostern of any Sept. The Gifts that a Spirit or another Fera can possibly teach an Elder are more potent or of greater complexity and scope as well as being far rarer to those Gifts available to lower ranked Garou.



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