An Elder is the Nunnehi equivalent of a Grump among the Kithain.

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Elders are Nunnehi who have lived beyond the bloom of their youth. Though many are still strong and virile, they are respected more for their knowledge and wisdom than their strength and fervor. Elders fill most of the chief, medicine man, lorekeeper, and wise woman positions within their tribes by right of long experience and accumulated power. They are deferred to, asked for advice, and accorded an almost reverent respect by the younger members of the tribe. Since many elders are beginning to succumb to Banality, braves of the tribe often infuse elders with their own Glamour so as not to lose the wisdom they embody.

When a Nunnehi becomes an elder, they choose a name for themselves. This name might reflect their personality, honor their totem, or call upon some powerful aspect that they wish to incorporate into their life. Thus, an elder might name themselves something like Quarreling Hen, Rain on the Meadow, Raven's Laughter, or Tall Rock.

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