Elaine McGough is a mortal sculptor.


Elaine has always been a sculptor. Since the age of six when she saw a picture of the Venus de Milo in a book, she knew she was going to sculpt. It's expensive to be a sculptor, and she has supported herself mainly by making plaster and fiberglass copies of famous works for theatres and advertising agencies.

When working on the set of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, she created statues of Roman emperors in the background and on a whim gave one the the face of the hated emperor Tiberius. The play opened and that night she got an anonymous call commissioning her to make a marble copy of her Tiberius set dressing for $10,000. The caller said that Tiberius was greatly misunderstood. The next day she got a call from her bank saying that two grand had been deposited into her account with a note saying that the remainder would be deposited on completion.

Character SheetEdit

Elaine McGough
Demeanor: Loner
Physical: Strength: 2, Dexterity: 4, Stamina: 2
Social: Charisma: 3, Manipulation: 1, Appearance: 2
Mental: Perception: 4, Intelligence: 3, Wits: 3
Talents: Alertness: 1, Empathy: 4
Skills: Animal Ken: 3, Drive: 2, Repair: 4, Sculpture: 5, Sketching: 3
Knowledge: Art History: 3, Science: 2
Backgrounds: Allies: 1, Contacts: 3, Fame: 1
Virtues: Conscience: 3, Self Control: 2, Courage: 2
Morality: Humanity: 7
Willpower: 3


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