Eiren is a denomination for a Ventrue Cainite that holds no official title or rank within his clan's hierarchical structure within a given city. They are also known simply as Associates in modern nights.


The Eiren are younger clan members that have not yet proven their worth to the rest of their brethren. No matter who their sire might be, a young Ventrue has to acquire dignitas before they are met with real respect within their clan.

Apart from the traditional noblesse oblige approach of the Ventrue, Eiren have few responsibilities. They do not have any official jobs or tasks to perform, but are expected to comply if a Questor or higher-ranked Ventrue asks for their assistance. No one has the power to force the neonate, and they may choose to refuse at their discretion, of course. However, doing so would be a very efficient way to never leave the Eiren status, as the Ventrue hardly reward mavericks.

The Ventrue hierarchy within a city also includes:


The word Eiren comes from the Spartan word for inexperienced youths not yet matured (by battle and experience), into true men.


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